Military Service Offers the Perfect Foundation for Franchise Ownership

Whether you are a veteran or know of one, all military veterans have different reasons for deciding to serve. For some, it is to serve their country or continue a family tradition; for others, it’s for the benefit of using the GI Bill for a college education. The reason someone joins the service has no relevance to their service but has everything to do with their motivation.

During their first few weeks in the military, all veterans experience discipline, consequences of action, organization, and are introduced to the requirement of attention to detail, and teamwork. Marching and formations, uniform, bunk and barrack inspections, physical training (PT), training evolutions, and field day (cleaning) all play a role and for most, are completely foreign concepts and experiences. This does one of two things; either motivates the person to learn or to quit.

Military service creates an unmatched level of responsibility and leadership training – most of which are gained at a much earlier age than those in the civilian sectors. Veterans have relevant experience with the same skills required to make a franchise business a success. Their motivation, attention to detail, leadership, and ability to follow procedures make them perfect candidates.

Typically, the only real barrier to their success with franchise ownership may be funding. However, the M5 loan program provides active and recently retired veterans up to $150,000, with reduced qualification requirements, removing that final barrier. As your certified franchise consultant, I can connect you with funding partners who specialize in this program. Contact me for more information.

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